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Types of Small Scale Industries

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The available Small Scale Industries of manufacturing sector or the service sector in India are mainly divided into five types:

Manufacturing Industries:

The industries that are liable for producing articles for processing and direct consumption industries are called as manufacturing industries. Some popular examples of this category are Power looms, khadi industries, engineering industries, processing industries, coin industries etc.

 Ancillary Industries:

This industry is liable for producing small to bigger parts of every component that are used to render services in big industries.

 Service Industries:

The well-known service sector is known for covering all light repair shops that are essential to maintain all types of mechanical equipments. This industry is also known for the complete dependency on machines.

 Feeder Industries:

The all time popular feeder industries are a specialized industry for some particular types of services and products and some of them are Welding, Casting and electro-plating, etc.

 Mining or Quarries:

The demand of minerals, different types of stones is increasing in the global market and so many mining projects are running just to meet the requirement of the masses. Today we can see many findings are in the process just in hunt of finding the right location for mining. Just because of increasing awareness on the issue of the environmental impact of these mining they have reduced its effect and trying to improve safety. Searching location for mining is not very simple thing you must beware about the respected location, quarry, other infrastructure and related facilities.  After selection of sites they need to establish better management just to ensure that things will be handled properly. The end step of mining is quite complex and so it must be handled carefully as it reflect some impact on the environment. Therefore stoppage of existing mines must be done with full attention.

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