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Advantages of Small Scale Industries

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Out of several advantage of having small scale industry the very first is the skilled movement, here presenting the rest one:

  • In SSI the proprietor is solely responsible for everything.  As per the running demand it can adjust the production which is hard to tackle with large organizations. In case of big organizations the employees of the company and the managerial staff in the company always stay in large scale and so implementation of any new policy or any kind of changes takes lots of time and effort.
  • Company owner is liable for the entire decisions that must be taken on regular interval just to make the industry profitable and he is not bounded with the routine.  
  • The main advantage of Small Scale industries is that in this a company proprietor itself can make communication and contact with the employees of the company. Not only care but he can talk to them and try to find out about their problems. Sometimes according to the requirement they initiate to give them proper help and try to make them satisfied and these types of services and care make these employees happy and more sincere towards their job and responsibilities.  Whereas in large industries things are available on large scale and very difficult to manage. There owner of the company has no time to talk to their employees and to know about their problems and requirements as they are many. They behave like the professionals and the entire work is governed by the related rules and regulations.  In case of small industries a wise kind of proprietor can soothe the atmosphere and create a family type atmosphere inside the organization.
  • The advantage of small industries don’t end here, the big thing is that the owner of the organization can create personal contacts with them. Once they establish a personal contact with them then they can convince them to buy only company products instead of others. In comparison to this maintain this in large industries is impossible. They are many in number and nobody has that much time to convince each of them individually. Along with this they have long list of customers and it’s very difficult to scatter their identity and personal contacts.
  • It is quite simple thing, if demand of something is limited and more on fluctuating then you can gain more advantage from it and supply can be adjusted. To reduce the supply you can avoid the wastage of the product. However this thing is not possible with large industries where managing things become difficult in short notice. Let’s take an example. If demand increases they enhance the supply ratio and if some sudden change comes in the demand of the article then reducing or controlling supply becomes a difficult thing for company employees.
  • With small industry you can find self-motivating task everywhere as the proprietor of the company itself show its involvement with each individual task. In a large industry you can’t find this type of things just because of the number of employees they have and all employees generally stay conscious about the salary they are supposed to get not about the profit of the company. In opposite to this in case of small industries the proprietor and the manager both are the same person; hence he manages things in better way. He always stays conscious to enhance the profit ratio of the company and try to work accordingly.

The biggest advantage of small scale industries is that they create less harm to the environment and generate less pollution. If they use effluents then its quantity is limited that can be easily disposed after every use. Just because of limited strength they manage things beautifully and generally follow all related rules and regulations meant by the Government for them. However things are not manageable in case of large scale industries as they produce more effluents, smoke and rattling noise that comes from their heavy machinery also they produce massive contaminated water that is not possible to control so they increase hazards in environment. These days reports of severe environmental degradation is increasing day by day and only small scale industries are capable to balance the environment.

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