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The term small scale industry (SSI) indicates an individual undertaking industry in which the entire expenses on fixed assets don’t exceed more than Rs.1Crore but it is not certain and can be changed with government rules, this amount can be in form of ownership or hire purchase or it may be leased. Fixed asset includes plant & machinery and all other kinds of fixed asset.. The only thing they need to do is to take registration from the State Directorate or from DIC’s to make their unit eligible. This kind of registration gives them help to take any type of assistance from the Government or from DIC (Department of Industries). Once they get registration then they can take short or medium term loan from commercial banks and state based Financial Corporations which help them to take fixed assets on the basis of hire-purchase from National based Small Industries Corporation and from others. This can also help them to take advantage of special schemes particularly for promotions, this may be Credit guarantee Scheme, ISO-9000 certification and reimbursement program, decreased custom duty on any particular items, capital subsidy and any other schemes launched by the State Government. The Ministry of these small, medium or Macro enterprises performs like a nodal agency especially for the growth of SSIs inside the country. This Ministry implements different types of policies and programmers just to promote these running SSI’s and in this way increase their competitiveness and get assistance from other public sector enterprises, they are:

  • SIDO that is Small Industry Development Organization is working as an apex body just to assist active Government in the formulation and implementation of the types of schemes/ programs/ projects. 
  • NSIC established by GOI is known as National Small Industries Ltd, basically working for promoting and aiding the development of SSI and put its focus on the country commercial aspects.       

The respected Industry has set up three institutes named as National Entrepreneurship Development Institutes to take care of every type of training modules, research and for providing consultancy services especially for the growth of SSI sector and they are:

  • NISIET, Hyderabad known as National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training.
  • NIESBUD, Noida this is known as National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development.
  • IIE, Guwahati is known as Indian Institutes of Entrepreneurship.

The well known SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) is working as an apex body for SSI and provide financial assistance on regular interval through his different credit schemes. In the same way NCEUS stands for National Commission for Enterprise in the Unorganized Sector is working to recognize the problem of Small Scale Industries and assist to overcome from them.

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